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The aims of the Association are twofold: to advocate for the interest of the members by providing input into the decision-making processes on issues relevant to psychiatric and mental health nursing in Europe and to promote the development of psychiatric and mental health nursing practice, education, management and research.

News (2014)

HORATIO 3rd Festival of Psychiatric Nursing

Theme: Creativity in Care

Date: Thursday 6th - Sunday 9th November 2014

Venue: Intercontinental Hotel, MALTA

Info: horatiofestival2014@gmail.com


Colleagues and friends

Horatio is proud to announce its forthcoming 3rd Festival. The theme of this event encompasses all those things that make Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing special. Creativity is not just about the artistry associated with different forms of therapy, but, much more than this, it is about ‘thinking outside the box’, critical decision making, developing individualised care pathways with patients, insightful problem solving and sometimes lateral thinking.

In short, creativity in PMHN is what gives nurses the opportunity to express themselves, through their work, their passion and their relationships with their patients. It is what makes it possible for nurses to work effectively as equal partners within a multi-disciplinary team.

The event will celebrate these, and many other, aspects of what it means to be a PMHN, with a scientific conference at its core surrounded by a wide variety of cultural, artistic and social events.  The concept of a festival has become something of a trademark for Horatio and the 3rd one will build on our experiences in both Malta and Stockholm to create an environment where senses as well as ideas are inspired.

Horatio invites you to join us on the wonderful Mediterranean island of Malta, either as a presenter or a delegate. Meet with colleagues from around the world to share skills and expertise that develop your ‘Creativity in Care’

Visit the Horatio website regularly for more information about the event, its competitions and activities, abstract submission, registration and special rated accommodation.

Or, email us with your enquiries and abstract submissions at: Horatiofestival2014@gmail.com

First Call For Abstracts Information - CLICK HERE  

Abstract Submission Form CLICK HERE to download (Closing Date: Friday 30th May)

Fees & Registration Form (PDF) CLICK HERE          BLOOM! Logo


3rd Catalan Congress in Mental Health Nursing, May 14th-15th-16th 2014

 3rd Catalan Congress in Mental Health Nursing, May 14th 15th 16th 2014

The ASCISAM (Catalan Association for Mental Health Nurses) will be organising the 3rd Catalan Congress in Mental Health Nursing, May 14th 15th 16th 2014. This year the theme is about "Mental Health Nursing within the European Community". Information and the program of the event can be obtained by clicking on the link below:


Prof. Dawn Freshwater to step down as Editor of the Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing

After 10 years of dedicated service to the Journal, Professor Dawn Freshwater will be stepping down as Editor of the Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing at the end of June 2014.

Dawn has worked tirelessly over her editorship to develop and strengthen the Journal, and has steered it successfully through a period of huge change in the journals publishing landscape. She was responsible for overseeing the link between the journal and Horatio. Her dedication, leadership and expertise will be greatly missed by Horatio members, although she will continue to be involved as a member of the Journal’s editorial board.

Wiley are now recruiting for the Editor position, with the aim of having someone in place for a transition period working with Dawn before she steps down at the end of June 2014. The application form can be downloaded at: http://www.wiley-docs.com/A9R4BD2.pdf 



News (Archive)

Srpska applies for membership

A new nation has applied for full membership, this is Srpska: Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It is the section Mental Health within the national association nurses in the of Republic of Srpska with Igor Brkic as their President.

ESNO Petition - very urgent call

On behalf of ESNO we ask you for: “Your support in the interest of the sick patients within the European Community”.

Right now, politicians in Brussels are close to adopting a modernisation of the Directive 2005/36/EU, which refers to the recognition of professional qualifications. The EU Commission’s proposal was that the “admission to training for nurses … shall be contingent upon completion of general education of 12 years”, which is already minimal requirement for all EU Member States except for two countries. Yet, the EU Committee for Environment, Public Health and Food Safety ENVI voted on 6th Nov. 2012 in opposition, stating “a general education of at least 10 years” would be sufficient.

Therefore, we ask you to sign the petition at the ESNO website to reject all amendments that would propose 10 years instead of 12 years as prerequisites for Nursing education.

You can download the petition, fill the form and send it to our office before 14 January.

Thanks in advance for you support.

Pascal Rod, President
Françoise Charnay-Sonnek, Vice President.

Horatio Festival Stockholm September 2012, words of thanks

We want to thank all of the delegates who participated. The event was a success and became a part of Horatio history. We hope to se you again on the next events, the Horatio congress November 2013 in Istanbul and the Festival in Malta in 2014.

We want to congratulate Lilas Ali, RN, PhD-student, Institute of Health and Care Sciences, Sahlgrenska Academy, Gothenburg University, Gothenburg who was the winner of the Poster competition with the poster: The Impact of a web-based intervention on young informal carers of people with mental illness.

Richard Brodd President Swedish Association of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurses

Ps. We will not provide any PPT's but the Program and Abstracts book is available at Horatio website at publications.

2 November 2012, MAPN Maltese Psychiatric Nurses. “Knocking Out”

The Maltese Association of Psychiatric Nurses (MAPN) invites you to: “Knocking Out”. Congress on Violence and Aggression in Health Care Section, Friday 2nd November 2012. This event is organised in association with the Horatio Expert Panel.
See website, map-n.net

Horatio General Assembly 2012

Friday 21 September General Assembly during lunch session of the Horatio Festival location, Clarion Hotel Stockholm, Ringvägen 98, Stockholm Sweden . The meeting will be free access for all members. The deadline for application for board member will be final at Friday 31 August 18:00 hours. A week in advance the full agenda will be distributed to all members.

Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing and Psychotherapy: The position of Horatio

This Horatio position paper was produced with the help and support from members of the Horatio Expert Panel and published July 2012. It is a response to the growing problems faced by PMHNs in Europe wishing to undertake psychotherapy training using their nurse education qualifications to satisfy entry requirements. The paper charts the growth of PMHN psychotherapy, some details of different national issues and a series of recommendations based upon the European Association of Psychotherapy guidelines and the Strasbourg Declaration on Psychotherapy (1990). See full paper at Publications / positions papers

Turkish Psychiatric Nursing Congress

We would be pleased to see you amongst us at the “2nd International 6th National Psychiatric Nursing Congress by the Psychiatric Nursing Association and Atatürk University, Health Sciences Faculty, Nursing Program, Psychiatric Nursing Department will be organized on 4-7 October 2012. The theme for the 2nd International 6th National Psychiatric Nursing Congress has been determined to be “Mental Health for Everyone.” See website www.hkongresi.com.

Ayşe Okanlı, Associate Professor, President of the Congress
Yasemin Kutlu, Associate Professor,President of the Congress.


This book has been made possible by a great deal of our Horatio members and strong involved, especially Neil Brimblecomb and Peter Nolan.

Discription. Worldwide, mental health problems are set to become the second greatest threat to health by the end of the next decade. The European Union has identified mental health problems as a growing concern, although there is great variation within EU countries with respect to patient numbers and the range of facilities available to them. Historically, EU mental healthcare services have been analysed using measurable aspects of care provisions such as throughput, costs and outcome measures. Little is known of the experiences, perceptions, beliefs and values of those accessing and providing services. This enlightening new book adopts a very different approach. With a particular focus on nursing, it examines and critiques the state of specialist mental health services in nine EU countries. For book detailes

E-Psychnurse.net, Program congress now online

Free congress E-Psychnurse in Utrecht, Netherlands at Tuesday 29 May, 2012.
E-PsychNurse.Net is an research project aiming to ensure high quality, ethically appropriate and therapeutically effective interventions to enable nurses to manage distressed and disturbed patients in psychiatric hospitals and inpatient units in the European area.
The project focuses on human rights and dignity in mental health care area. National and international collaboration among different health care and education organisations, however, is slight. The topic is important because mental problems are an international and national concern in various European countries. The professional competence of nursing personnel in mental health care has also been declared to be a major challenge in Europe. For more information visit Website
See program and for more information contact Roland van de Sande

APNA Position Statement: "Staffing Inpatient Psychiatric Units"

Ensuring proper RN staffing levels on inpatient psychiatric-mental health units is vital given the increasing severity of illness of hospitalized mental health patients and the mounting evidence that nurse staffing levels influence outcomes. The risk for adverse outcomes rises as the ratio of patients to nursing staff increases. Therefore, the American Psychiatric Nurses Association (APNA), as the largest professional organization representing psychiatric nurses, convened a work group to make recommendations for determining staffing needs of inpatient psychiatric units that will protect the quality of care and the safety of both patients and staff. Read full article

New family-type homes to replace institutions in Moldova

This year, in the Moldovan County of Floresti, 60 children will be leaving the big institutions, which they call 'home', for good. Our Lumos Moldova team is working with these two large institutions to prepare for this change. Since the reform of the residential care system began in Moldova, the number of children placed in residential institutions has decreased year by year. Lumos supports the reintegration of the children back to their biological or extended families or their placement in foster care. There is also a need for other new type of services to be developed. Read full article.

Commissioner Dalli visits the European Medicines Agency in London

Today, Commissioner Dalli visits the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in London. On this occasion Commissioner Dalli will meet the Agency's new Executive Director Guido Rasi who was appointed in October 2011. The mission of Commissioner Dalli to the Agency is meant to contribute to the continued fruitful co-operation between the Commission and its Agency in the best interests of citizens in the EU. The Commission and the Medicines Agency share the great responsibility of ensuring that medicines authorised in the EU are safe and effective. On the occasion of the Commissioner's visit, the European Commission is launching a video to explain to citizens the system of authorisation for all medicines circulating in the European Union.
Horatio is connected to the EMA through the ESNO network alliance

Help Nurses Cope With Compassion Fatigue

While finance is taking the headlines, the Wall Street Journal published a blog 'Help Nurses with Compasion Faigue' Nurses do not easily amid, have recognized this aspect of their daily job or even discuss this openly. In Mental Health and Psychiatry this has also a special dimension.
"New programs are underway to help nurses cope with compassion fatigue, an occupational hazard for caregivers that also puts patients at risk of substandard , today’s Informed Patient column reports. Though the intense emotional demands on nurses are as old as the profession itself, researchers have only in recent years begun to study the effects of compassion fatigue, a form of burnout compounded by secondary traumatic stress...." Read full article
About compassion see more articles and join network of the 'Charter for Compassion'

Budgets cuts and effect on mental health

The number of suicides in Greece reached a pan-European high during the first half of 2011, according to figures recently released by the Greek health ministry. Experts believe the increase is due to the effects of the financial crisis. Human rights expert Gabor Petri, from Mental Health Europe, describes how citizens are being affected. See interview

Seasonal greetings

As 2011 was a difficult year in which many countries mental health services were hit hard by the economic downturn we would to like emphasize how important international networks can be. We definitely need international exchange of good practices and educational programs to provide the best possible care for service users. Therefore we would like to thank many colleagues for their dedicated support and send our Christmas greetings to all our psychiatric nursing colleagues in Europe and other continents.

This year has also been full of promising developments, on the other hand we need to harvest the benefits of all effort a lot more in 2012. One of the visible examples is that in some countries brand new psychiatric nursing associations are recently established or in process. Also regional networks have found new ways to work together in a very fruitful way. One of those examples is the collaboration of various psychiatric nursing networks in Central and Eastern European countries which will surely result in concrete practice development and educational projects. Those initiatives will be more refined during our Horatio spring meeting in Slovakia. We are also working on a research design to gather more recent data on the roles and tasks and the circumstances psychiatric nurses face in their work in various European countries. In addition to this an Pan European e-learning program for nurses at acute psychiatric wards (ePsychNurseNet) will go through a sound quality assessment supported by an international panel and a dissemination process will be started. This year we also have been able to be involved in fruitful debates and joint consensus papers with other NGO’s, other disciplines and members of EU commissions. In September we hope to meet many colleagues from all over the world in Stockholm during the Horatio Festival, during this event we will also have the general assembly organized.

On behalf of all the Horatio board members, we wish you and your families a very peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Roland van de Sande, Secretary General

The Turku Declaration - Final version online

The Turku Declaration - Final version online

After a years work, involving consultations and feedback from members of the European Expert Panel of Psychiatric Nursing, individuals and organisations around Europe and worldwide, Horatio published the Turku Declaration in December 2011. Its launch marks a major stepping stone for the European organisation’s goal of achieving parity for all psychiatric and mental health nurses working with those challenged by mental health problems in Europe.

What is the declaration about?

The document identifies those activities that psychiatric and mental health nurses do which other disciplines do not. In other words it is the unique contribution made by these nurses to the care of those with mental health problems. Many of the 66 items listed may, at times, be undertaken by professionals other than nurses but they are not done so consistently, nor can it be said that they carry them out in the same way as nurses. In some countries, due to such things as legislation, educational preparation, resources, culture and tradition, many of the items may not even be carried out by anyone at all, let alone nurses, thus radically reducing the quality of care offered. So, the Declaration is a statement about what Horatio feels nurses should be doing, how they should be educated, and how they should be managed and supported. The document is divided into four sections. Section A, the Introduction, identifies the background to the declaration and provides a rational for its development Section B considers the educational preparation Horatio considers vital if nurses are to deliver appropriate and effective mental health care whilst also being active members of multi-disciplinary mental health teams. Sections C deals with clinical practice, and is divided into two parts: Part 1 – working with patients, covers specific clinical activities that nurses should assume responsibility for and roles they need to adopt to be able to do so; whilst Part 2 – working on behalf of patients, addresses the issues that underpin clinical practice and form the basis of professional care. Finally, Section D identifies research and practice development activities that should be targetted by nurses if they are to progress their professional profile and positively influence the mental health care agenda.

How should the declaration be used? There are two answers to this question. Firstly, it is highly unlikely that every nurse, in every country, will be unable to undertake every aspect of the declaration, But, individual countries should be striving to provide the necessary support and resources to enable their nurses to reach this optimum level of practice. Horatio sees this document as a template for the future growth and development of the profession and national representative organisations should us it as both an audit and lobbying tool to achieve this aim. To add this process the document will be translated into all the Europen languages. Secondly, Horatio will use this to influence the international European agenda, at the highest level, to raise the profile of psychiatric and mental health nursing, which, for far too long, has been ignored by both legislators and politicians alike. Martin Ward.

The Turku declaration is now in process of many translations see more at Publications / Position Papers.

Economic case for investing in mental health

Many nurses faces the impact of financial cuts and have to deal with concequences. Article like these learn nurses not only to act effective but are to think economical. Written by David McDaid, under the IMPACT contract to support the European Pact for Mental Health and Well-being, "...Poor mental health has a significant economic impact on the health system and the wider economy in Europe, with implications for the potential achievement of the Europe 2020 strategy on economic growth". see paper

Mental well-being: for a smart, inclusive and sustainable Europe

A paper to present first outcomes of the implementation of the ‘European Pact for Mental Health and Well-being’. The aim of this document is a) to concisely present the relevance of mental well-being for the Europe 2020 strategic objectives and b) to present the outcomes of the first implementation phase of the European Pact for Mental Health and Well-being in the context of EU- health policy and its strategic policy objectives. see paper

EU Report on Long term Mental Health care.

The provision of long-term mental health care for people with severe mental disorders has been, and still is, one of the major challenges for mental health systems reform in the last decades, for various reasons. The purpose of this paper is to explore issues around the key aspects of long-term care for those with mental health problems and the development of systems in different European countries to support these key aspects. see report

WHO, Mental health Atlas 2011

It is estimated that four out of five people with serious mental disorders living in low and middle income countries do not receive mental health services that they need. The mission of WHO in the area of mental health is to reduce the burden of mental disorders and to promote the mental health of the population worldwide. see report

Youth attitudes on drugs, an EU analytic report

Drugs and drug-related problems are major concerns for EU citizens and pose a threat to the safety and health of European society and its citizens. The use of drugs, particularly among young people, is at a historically high level. The European Commission has been studying the drug phenomenon in EU Member States for several years.It contains many interestic data and statistics for nurses working in the field of addiction. See report.

First call for abstracts Horatio Festival Stockholm 2012.

Now online and available at the Horatio Calendar and the Swedish website Psykriks, the first call for abstracts and the first keynote speakers in the the program.

More psychotic homeless people.

Amsterdam- The plans of the government of the Netherlands to raise the own contribution (200 euro) for mental care, will have the effect that there will be more homeless psychotic and addicted people in the near future. Because they don’t have a lot of money and motivation for mental care, the prospect is that this group will refuse and avoid the necessary care. The street scene in Amsterdam now a days is more dominated with homeless people from several European countries. They don’t have to pay the own contribution but are been cut off all social security benefits. From mr.Bertil Hartoch, Rehabteam-Mentrum.Amsterdam

Effective congress live-news on Twitter

The Three Nation Congress, German speaking psychiatric nursing congress has succesfully ended this weekend. All nurses in these nations(germany, Switserland and Austria) were very well informed through the live stream tweets during the congress, very effective. Next year in German Speaking congress psychiatric nursing Autumn in Vienna. See downloads and information about next congress at Pflege in der Psychiatrie

10 October World Mental Health Day 2011

World Mental Health Day raises public awareness about mental health issues. The day promotes open discussion of mental disorders, and investments in prevention, promotion and treatment services. The treatment gap for mental, neurological and substance use disorders is formidable especially in poor resource countries, see more at WHO and Flyer.

Abstracts presentations Congress Prague 2010

Now at the page online resources the overview of abstracts of the 2010 Horatio congress in Prague including names and mail addresses of presenters. See more at Online resources

Education and psychiatric and mental health nursing Europe: The case of Cyprus

Following a World Mental Health Day seminar in Cyprus 2009 Horatio: European Psychiatric Nurses (PMHN) was asked to prepare a consultation report on the future of psychiatric and mental health nursing preparation. This would be used for discussion purposes between service and educational providers to establish a strategy for the preparation of PMHNs in Cyprus. This current report is the product of the research and consultation undertaken to provide a comprehensive over view of the options available and the rationale for them. By, Martin F. Ward, Chair, Horatio European Expert Panel.
See more at this website Horatio Position papers 2011

New Zealand College of Mental Health Nurses Conference

Theme 'Southerly Change´, the 3rd International Conference of Te Ao Maramatanga, New Zealand, Dunedin.
6 - 8 July 2011. Website www.conference.co.nz/nzcmhn11

First announcement Horatio Festival 2012

Horatio, European Festival of Psychiatric Nursing – Stockholm - September 20-23, 2012

Be sure to mark this event in your calendar. More information will follow soon.

Conference Theme:
' The theme of this unique event is the dialogue that takes place between psychiatric nurses, in their own clinical areas, across cities and towns, national and international borders. The aim is to share their experiences, helping each other to develop their understanding of their work and supporting each other in their professional endeavours'.

Turkish Psychiatric Nursing Congres 2011

The "1th International and 5th National Psychiatric Nursing Congress" to be held on 22-24 September 2011 by the Turkish Psychiatric Nurses Association and Marmara University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Psychiatric Nursing Department. For more information at Horatio Calendar.

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HORATIO Festival 2014

            (Info Soon!)

3rd HORATIO Festival of Psychiatric Nurses
'Creativity in Care'
Intercontinental Hotel, Malta
Thursday 6th - Sunday 9th November, 2014

 HORATIO Festival Poster

Turku Declaration

This significant document is now online at Publication - Position Papers with translating in 10 languages and general Flyer in progress

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